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::Dressing Kitchen::
Thursday, June 20, 2013
<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Valora Fishtail Pleated Top cobalt blue
Brand New

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---3:28 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

The Scarlet Top (Black)
A great basic addition to your wardrobe
Brand New
Across: 16 inch
Waist: 14 inch
Length 24.5 inch


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---3:26 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Melanie Paperbag Dress In Green
Brand New (I simply love it!)
*Available in light pink as well! excluding belt
Size M
Pit to Pit: 15-17 inches
Waist: 13.5 - 15 inches (slightly stretchable)
Shoulder to hem: 33 inches

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---3:24 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Bohemia layered chiffon dress
Brand New, Free size
Bust: 88cm, Waist 60-100cm, Length: 196cm

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---3:20 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Blue Midi Skirt
Brand New, Free Size

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---3:17 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

 Noon Copenhagen Watch 44-003set2 
(Inclusive of black and orange leather strap)
Photo taken from http://shopeu.nooncopenhagen.com/products/44-003set2

Condition of black leather strap: 9/10
Condition of orange leather strap: Brand New
Note: Item will be packed in the actual box of Noon Copenhagen (Vertical Box instead of square box) 
Retail Price selling for at least $150 
Now selling at $80
(Exclusive normal postage $1.50)

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---3:13 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Beige Ladies Pants 1
Brand New

Size 30(waist: 84cm, length : 95cm)
Price: $10 

Beige Ladies Pants 2
Brand New
Size 30(waist: 82cm, Hips: 92cm, length: 97cm)

Price: $10 

Email to dressingkitchen@hotmail.com

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---3:12 AM---

<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Blue Chiffon Dress

Description: Chiffon Material, Brand New
Length 77cm, Bust 90cm, Shoulder 36cm,
Price: $10 mailed

Dark Blue Collar Shirt

Description: Silk Material, Freesize, Brand New
Length 70cm, Bust 92cm, Shoulder 36cm, Waist 87cm
Price: $10 mailed

Short Sleeve Dress

Description: Cotton, 2 Layers, inner excluded, require ur own inner tanktop dress.
 Brand New
Length 77cm, Bust 90cm, Shoulder 36cm, Sleeve 14cm
Price: $8 mailed

Dark Purple Dress

Description: Brand New, Taiwan Instock Dress (freesize)

Price: $10 mailed

Black Bomber Jacket

Description: Free Size

Price: $8 mailed (u.p $27)

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---3:11 AM---

Friday, August 10, 2012
<::Dressing Kitchen::>

Photo credits Zepherra

Feminine Dress

Price: $16

Picture credits Missypixie
Buttondown Long-sleeved Mandarin-Collared Shirt
In Dark Navy Blue 

Picture credits Missypixie 
Noelle Navy Shirt/Dress
*Note: In darker tone of Navy Blue

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---9:11 AM---

Monday, March 26, 2012
<::Dressing Kitchen::>

BabyTop White Dress

Description: Brand New, Sweet, Makes you like a princess
Price: $15 

Polka Topped Black Dress

Description: Brand New
Price: $10

-Credits to all relevant blogshops-

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---10:07 PM---


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